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  • This article will walk you through the process of teaching English abroad without a degree.
  • This article will provide a brief overview of the best countries in 2023 for teaching English abroad without a degree.
  • This article explores alternative TEFL jobs and opportunities for non-degree holders.

Teaching English overseas is still a popular way for those interested in education to pursue a life-changing career while traveling the world. Fortunately, the growing demand for English teachers makes it easier than ever to find an ESL job abroad. While many schools only hire college graduates, there are numerous international English teaching jobs in many countries that do not require a degree.

Can I teach English abroad without a degree?

Yes! You can teach English in another country without a degree almost anywhere, as long as the job you’re applying for doesn’t require one. 

There are many international TEFL jobs hiring teachers without a degree available worldwide. If you’re searching for countries to teach English without a degree, teachers should consider teaching English in Latin America where TEFL job requirements are less stringent, such as Costa Rica and Mexico. Cambodia and Myanmar are popular destinations for those wanting to teach English in Asia without a degree. There are also many English teaching jobs in Russia available for non-degree holders. Overall, the easiest countries to teach English in without a degree are determined by the school and the visa requirements of the country.

How to teach English abroad without a degree

1. Get TEFL certified

The first step toward teaching English abroad is to get TEFL certified. Most ESL jobs abroad require a 120-hour TEFL certificate. Depending on your preferences, you can obtain an accredited TEFL certificate online or in person. Without a degree, an accredited TEFL certification assures employers that you have the skills required to teach English abroad without a degree. 

2. Volunteer teaching English first

If you do not have a college degree, future teachers should consider volunteering as an English teacher abroad. Volunteering as an English teacher not only provides teachers with live practice and experience in classrooms with non-native learners, but it also improves your TEFL resume. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer to teach English in Africa and Asia, which are popular destinations for TEFL teachers without a degree; however, you can volunteer anywhere, including in your own city! The more experience you have, the better your chances.

3. Prepare your visa documents

If you want to teach English overseas, the secret to getting an ESL job easily is how quickly you can provide employers with your visa documents. Most countries’ English-teaching visa requirements include, at the very least, a dated background check and a TEFL certificate. For example, if you want to teach English in South Korea, your background check should be no more than six months old, giving future teachers plenty of time to obtain.

After determining which country to teach in and preparing your visa documents, informing future schools and recruiters that you have all of your paperwork will increase your chances of getting hired quickly—even faster than those with a degree! The international market for English teachers is still very competitive, with many countries hiring English teachers in 2023.

4. Consider English academy jobs

While teaching English in public schools has stricter requirements, a growing number of English language schools and academies around the world have more lenient qualifications because they are privately owned. Search for after-school English academy jobs or private language schools for the quickest way to get hired teaching English abroad. The higher pay, year-round hiring, and job availability are all advantages of teaching English at an academy.

5. Decide which types of learners you’d like to teach

Teaching Young Learners is a popular option for many English teachers around the world. It is also one of the most popular age groups for hiring English teachers abroad. Because ESL lesson plans for pre-schoolers are simple to teach and emphasize repetition and energetic executions, most schools will hire an English teacher without a degree. If you want to teach children as young as three years old and build your ESL CV for future job opportunities, teaching English to young children is a great place to start.

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