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BeyondTEFL Assessment policy

A. Introduction

Beyond TEFL is committed to delivering a high-quality Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course, ensuring students not only gain the necessary knowledge and skills but also receive the support and guidance needed for their professional development. This policy document outlines our approach to feedback, assessment, and staffing standards.

B. Feedback

B1. Regular Feedback and Improvement Suggestions

  • BeyondTEFL ensures students receive regular, structured feedback throughout their course. Feedback is aimed at continuous improvement, highlighting strengths and areas for development.
  • Tutors provide feedback in a manner that is motivating, using positive reinforcement to encourage good practices and constructive suggestions for areas needing improvement.

C. Assessment

C1. Principles and Moderation

  • All assessments adhere to principles of credibility, fairness, validity, reliability, and practicability.
  • An internal moderation system, overseen by a trained and knowledgeable moderator, ensures the consistency and appropriateness of assessment methods and instruments.

C2. Processes and Systems

  • The internal moderation process ensures assessments are conducted appropriately and are consistent with unit standards and qualifications.
  • Lessons learned from moderation are applied to continually improve assessment methods.
  • Regular assessor meetings and discussions are coordinated to ensure consistent judgement and quality.

C3. Student Communication and Appeals

  • Students are informed of assessment outcomes in a timely manner, with debrief sessions held to provide detailed feedback.
  • An appeals procedure is in place for candidates dissatisfied with their assessment outcomes.
  • Assessment results are stored securely and are easily retrievable.

D. Standards for Staff

D1. Qualifications and Development

  • All staff possess relevant qualifications, experience, and skills for their roles. Staff development is a continuous process, with opportunities for learning and growth provided.
  • Sufficient staffing levels are maintained to ensure an excellent customer experience, with all team members encouraged to contribute to this aim.

D2. Tutors

  • Tutors hold professional qualifications in their subject areas, are knowledgeable about the latest teaching and assessment methodologies, and apply these in their teaching.

E. Implementation and Monitoring

  • BeyondTEFL is committed to the regular review and update of this policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with ACCREDITAT requirements and industry best practices.
  • Regular training sessions are held for staff to ensure understanding and implementation of this policy.

F. Conclusion

This policy document reflects BeyondTEFL’s dedication to providing an exemplary educational experience through effective feedback, rigorous assessment, and a highly qualified team. Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance underpins our mission to develop skilled, confident TEFL professionals.