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About BeyondTEFL

Our mission is to enable meaningful and transformative experiences teaching English by providing top quality TEFL certification courses, teaching internships, and teaching jobs.

Our mission

Our Accreditation and Partners

We have partnered with top-rated and accredited TEFL course providers to deliver the best experience for our students. We know that quality instruction, fully accredited certifications, and real job placement support are critical to having a successful experience teaching English abroad or online, which is why we’ve selected the best in the business to partner with.

About us

Ruby | BeyondTEFL Coordinator

Ruby is the primary coordinator and organizer for Beyond TEFL’s setup, organization, and distribution. As a key member of Impact Travel Group, Ruby manages product placement and strategic planning for BeyondTEFL and its partners. For over a decade, her background in sales and communications has made her a prominent figure of GoAbroad and its respective affiliates. Ruby graduated from the University of the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. Her ideal escape from cyberspace is spending beachside quality time with her family.

Florence | BeyondTEFL Advisor

Diana provides valuable insights, support, and resources to help individuals navigate the rewarding journey of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. After she graduated from Cebu Institute of Technology-University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism, she found herself teaching English to students online for the past 2 years. She enjoys reading books and practicing calligraphy in her free time.

Christine | BeyondTEFL Advisor

Christine graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines in 2005. Since then, she has worked in different industries including self-publishing and newspaper publishing. She also led the travel crowdfunding site, FundMyTravel before joining Impact Gap Year. She has traveled to different cities in Asia and the US, and hopes to visit Europe in the future, too.

Princess | BeyondTEFL Project Assistant

Kate has actively contributed to various projects at BeyondTEFL, drawing on her extensive experience in teaching English to non-English speakers and showcasing a keen understanding of the significance and influence of TEFL. Although she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from Eastern Visayas State University, Kate has found her professional calling in TEFL and is ready to guide you as you embark on your TEFL journey. She is also a traveler by heart and has dreamed of visiting a lot of places and gaining unique experiences.

Greg | BeyondTEFL Managing Director

Greg has made 15 years of impact in Africa. This includes school buildings, clinics and meeting people who now are in work because of the volunteer projects they run. His core passion lies in making a meaningful impact through education. He sees volunteering as a teacher as a key driver for fostering sustainable educational initiatives, bringing positive change to the lives of young children, adolescents, and adults.