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Accredited TEFL Courses

Quality and Fully Accredited TEFL Courses For Every Educator

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About Accreditation

Accreditation is a formal and intensive review conducted to ensure that an educational course is capable of delivering high-quality and effective training. There are numerous certified organizations that are used to assess the caliber of TEFL courses. All BeyondTEFL courses offered by our partners (International TEFL Academy and Premier TEFL) are fully accredited by several independent-acting accrediting bodies in order to fulfill and maintain proficient international standards, advance the development of the foreign language sector, and have a positive impact on the education community, making us a leading provider of high-quality TEFL courses.

Why Accreditation is important

Many online TEFL courses are available, but how many of them are effective in preparing future educators for careers in education? Every certification course must be evaluated to ensure that it is competent enough to teach students the skills required to succeed as an English learner. This is why accreditation is so important, and double-checking the accreditation of any TEFL course you are considering is essential when preparing to enter the classroom. BeyondTEFL wants everyone who completes any of our courses to be confident in their ability to teach and positively impact the lives of students all over the world.

Who are we accredited by?

Ofqual regulated (Office of Qualifications)
Ofqual is the governing body in England and Northern Ireland that formally recognizes Awarding Organizations and oversees their internal processes. Highfield, the Awarding Organization (AO), has been authorized by Ofqual to offer a diverse range of regulated credentials in a variety of industries, including education and training.

ACDL (Accreditation Council for Distance Learning)
ACDL is a specialized accreditation authority for online courses and supports widespread high standards of performance as an essential component of their philosophy. Students are guaranteed by their certificate of approval that educational institutions with ACDL accreditation produce the highest level of established benchmarks.

ODLQC (Open & Distance Quality Council)
ODLQC is an autonomous body based in the United Kingdom that monitors the performance of open and distance education. Our courses are subjected to consistent and rigorous monitoring to guarantee you the best instructor training possible.

Highfield Qualifications 
Highfield Qualifications, a self-governing Ofqual-certified Awarding Organization, has approved our partnered provider Premier TEFL as a training facility, meaning Premier TEFL has fulfilled Highfield’s measures for creating and offering top-notch TEFL courses. Premier TEFL is evaluated annually to verify they are always meeting the high expectations set by Highfield in order to sustain this vital endorsement as an approved learning center.

Learnovate at Trinity College Dublin Member
Learnovate is a pioneering research hub in Europe. They are international leaders in the future of education and work in the quest of assisting clients in evolving staff, student, and user learning opportunities. Our partner Premier TEFL collaborates with Learnovate to continue success in our learner journeys.

TQUK: (Training Qualifications UK)
TQUK (Training Qualifications UK) is a global leader in vocational and professional qualifications for colleges and private training providers in Education & Training, Social Care, and Health. TQUK, governed by Ofqual, is formally recognized by the British government as a provider of accreditation and evaluation for professional certification and training.

Training Qualifications UK
Places international standards of quality at the heart of our regulated Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualifications.

Accreditat Accreditation
Accreditat is an esteemed international body based in Scotland, UK. This accreditation signifies that our course meets rigorous standards in ethics, program quality, assessment, and tutor expertise. Students can trust that they’re receiving top-notch TEFL education validated by ACCREDITAT. For more details on the accreditation standards we’ve met, visit here.