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The world is ripe with opportunities for those who wish to teach English abroad, but the first step is often the most crucial, and that is getting certified. Whether you’re dreaming of bustling cities in Asia or quaint towns in Europe, a TEFL certification can be your passport to a rewarding career and a world of cultural exchange. Here’s your guide to getting certified and starting your journey.

Follow These Steps to Get TEFL Certified

Teaching English abroad isn’t just about teaching the nuances of grammar and vocabulary. It’s a gateway to personal growth, offering opportunities to immerse yourself in new cultures and build meaningful connections worldwide. 

1. Choose the Right TEFL Course

Selecting the right TEFL course is paramount. Look for courses that offer at least 120 hours of training—this is the industry standard. Courses are available both in-person and online. In-person courses, often held in the country where you wish to teach, offer hands-on teaching experience, which can be invaluable. Online courses offer flexibility and the convenience of learning from home. Each has its own benefits, depending on your learning style and circumstances.

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2. Confirm Accreditation

Ensure that the TEFL course you choose is accredited by a recognized body. This accreditation means that the course meets certain standards in training and education, making your certification more respected worldwide.

3. Gain Practical Experience

This is one of the best ways to discover how to get certified to teach English abroad. Many TEFL courses come with practical teaching components, which are invaluable for building your confidence and enhancing your resume. Some programs offer opportunities for hands-on teaching experiences through practicums in local schools or on online teaching platforms. These real-world experiences offer a sneak peek into what it’s like to teach English. For more insights, explore the differences between online and in-person TEFL courses.

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4. Land Your First Teaching Job

Once certified, the next step is to find a teaching job. Use job boards, recruitment agencies, and TEFL course provider networks to discover opportunities. Crafting a compelling resume that highlights your TEFL training, any practical teaching experience, and your readiness to adapt to new cultural settings will set you apart.

5. Prepare for the Move

After landing a job, it’s time to prepare for the move. This involves obtaining the necessary visas, arranging accommodations, and understanding your new country’s cultural norms and legal requirements. Good preparation ensures a smoother transition to your new role and life abroad.

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Take the Leap & Teach English Abroad!

Getting TEFL certified is the first step in a journey filled with diverse experiences, personal growth, and global understanding. It’s more than a certificate; it’s a doorway to the world. Ready to start this life-changing adventure? Dive into the possibilities and prepare to teach, travel, and transform lives, including your own. Get in touch with our team to ask any questions!

As you begin this journey, you’ll learn more about how to get certified to teach English abroad. Remember that each step you take not only shapes your future but also the lives of those you will teach. Happy teaching and safe travels on this incredible path you have chosen to explore!

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