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  • This article will go over the best countries to obtain your in-person TEFL certification in order to teach English abroad.
  • This article will discuss the advantages of taking TEFL certification classes in person rather than online.
  • This article will help students prepare for their first on-site TEFL course.

Where are the best places to get TEFL certified?

Taking an accredited TEFL course abroad is an exciting and rewarding first step toward becoming TEFL certified. The best TEFL courses abroad combine an intensive curriculum, live practice hours, and quality instructors with prior experience teaching English to non-native learners. TEFL certification courses are available in all countries where ESL teachers are in high demand. Taking an in-person TEFL course rather than online for your TEFL certificate will teach you valuable skills that will give you an advantage over other applicants to teach English abroad. Here are the top five countries to get TEFL certified.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with some of the best beaches in the world, abundant wildlife, and enticing green jungles that cover the entire country. With so many English teaching jobs in Costa Rica available, enrolling in a TEFL course in Costa Rica is the best way to get certified. Costa Rica has many TEFL courses available due to the high demand for English teachers and the country’s relaxed job requirements. If you want to spend your weekends exploring many of the country’s stunning flora and fauna after your TEFL class, taking a TEFL certification course in Costa Rica is a good option.

Best Countries to Teach English Costa Rica

2. Unites States

For Americans wanting something closer to home, or anyone looking to gain teaching experience in an English-speaking country, the United States is a convenient and affordable place to obtain your TEFL certificate. Many TEFL courses in the USA provide university-level TEFL courses to students from both within and outside the country. Whether you want to get certified in New York City or take a Chicago TEFL class to eat hot dogs in the windy city, USA TEFL courses in the United States are a great way to learn without experiencing culture shock.

3. Spain

Spain is one of the best countries in Europe to teach English. With many TEFL courses in Spain available throughout the country, Spain is a wonderful country to get TEFL certified. One of the major advantages is that there are many English teaching jobs in Spain, which means you’ll quickly make connections and can even start applying for jobs. Spain’s rich history, historical monuments, and exciting nightlife make it an appealing country for TEFL programs.

Best Countries to Teach English Spain

4. Thailand

Participating in TEFL courses in Thailand is an excellent opportunity to network with one of the many ESL schools looking for English teachers. Thailand is a popular destination for English teachers because of its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and international crowd. Given the number of ESL jobs in Thailand, if you have a bachelor’s degree and are from a native English-speaking country, finding work is relatively easy. Getting TEFL certified in Thailand is your gateway to teaching English in Asia quickly.

5. Vietnam

Like Thailand, Vietnam is another one of the best countries in Asia to teach English, especially for non-native English speakers. With a lower cost of living and higher wages, TEFL courses in Vietnam are widely available for those interested in becoming TEFL certified. Even those with no prior teaching experience can find a TEFL job in Vietnam by traveling there first, enrolling in a TEFL program, and looking for jobs nearby. Out of all of the countries in Asia to teach English, Vietnam is one of the easiest countries in Southeast Asia to find a TEFL job. With all of the Vietnam TEFL courses, you will have many opportunities to connect with local schools while immersing yourself in Vietnamese culture.

TEFL Online vs. In-Class: Why Take a TEFL Course Abroad

There are many advantages to getting your TEFL certificate in person. With a TEFL certificate from an in-person class, you will:
  • Be better prepared: There are numerous reasons to take TEFL courses abroad. While the standard, 120-Hour TEFL certificate is suitable for teaching English in most places of the world, the benefit of taking a TEFL course in person is that the course is more intensive, and you will leave with a better understanding of teaching English than those who choose to get TEFL certified online, and you’ll be better prepared for the classroom. Choose TEFL courses with a longer duration to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Experience a new culture: Could you imagine walking into a classroom with thirty children who do not speak English in a country where you only moved a week ago? An in-class TEFL course abroad will introduce you to a country’s culture and norms, teaching you intercultural communication skills while immersing yourself in a new culture. Employers look for individuals who have experience working in diverse settings. By taking a TEFL course abroad, you will naturally become more open-minded and flexible– two important skills needed to become an impactful educator.
  • Increase your chances of getting hired: Taking an accredited TEFL certification course in another country increases your chances of getting hired. While you’re already in the country of your choosing, you can use networking opportunities to find work. You will be able to meet potential employers in person, and may even have an easier time arranging visas or work permits.

How to prepare for your first TEFL class

  1. Choose the right course: In-class TEFL courses can be overwhelming at first, so make sure you know what certificate you’re getting before enrolling. Aim for courses that last between 4 to 12 weeks. Taking a TEFL course abroad for an extended period of time can also count as teaching hours, giving you an advantage over your coworkers.
  2.  Begin networking: Knowing how to find a TEFL job is half the battle when looking for a job teaching English abroad. Maintain contact with your classmates, instructors, and program coordinators while completing your TEFL course to assist you in finding work.
  3.  Practice public speaking: If you’re nervous about speaking in front of a group, in-person TEFL classes will help you overcome your fear of public speaking, transforming you into a confident and engaging teacher who delivers lessons effectively. It will also assist you in developing classroom management skills and fostering positive interactions with your colleagues.
  4. Keep a positive attitude: TEFL courses are time-consuming and intense, but also extremely rewarding. Recognize that by enrolling in a TEFL course, you are embarking on a journey to change the world by teaching a foreign language to underprivileged and underrepresented communities all over the world. Your eagerness to positively contribute to the education sector will have an impact on both others and yourself, allowing you to advance your career, and strengthen your resume, which will only lead to more opportunities to serve the public!

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